113FM Radio – Awesome 80’s

113FM Radio – Awesome 80’s


113FM Radio - Awesome 80s is the ultimate destination for those who love the 80s music. This station brings back the nostalgia with a wide variety of classic rock, pop and RnB hits. With a focus on 80s music, 113FM Radio - 113Fm offers a throwback to the golden era of music. Whether youre a fan of classic rock, pop, or RnB, youll find something you love on this station. Tune in and relive the best moments of the 80s with 113FM Radio. Expect to hear some of the greatest hits from the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bon Jovi, and many more. The station also features segments dedicated to the best of the culture, such as movies, fashion, and current events. With its retro music and feel-good vibes, 113FM Radio will transport you back in time and make you feel like a kid again with throwback tunes. In addition to the music, we also feature segments dedicated to the best of the 80s culture, such as movies, fashion, and current events. Our hosts will take you on a journey back in time, giving you a glimpse of the culture, fashion, and events that defined the 80s. Join us and open your mind to the world of 113FM Radio - Awesome 80s. Our unique mix of 80s music, culture and trivia offers a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Whether youre a long-time fan of  music or just looking for something new, 113FM Radio  is the perfect choice. Awesome